Thursday, September 18, 2008

Range Rover Supercharged Equals Opulence


With a fairly soft economy and escalating gasoline prices, many Americans are having to make some tough choices with their monthly budget. For many families, this means a smaller SUV or Crossover, or even a return to a sedan. However, if a Range Rover is either sitting in your driveway or among the list of your potential purchasing options, these are not likely major concerns for you. I say all of this as a preface to this review in large part because in order to evaluate the 2008 Range Rover, I have to forget, or at least suspend any thoughts about my normal everyday real life. With that said, let’s talk about an SUV for those who don’t have my ”little people” problems.


For those fortunate enough to purchase a Range Rover, there are two engine choices; Big powerful V8 or big powerful supercharged V8. Either way, you have the ability to get to the country club in a hurry. My tester was the supercharged variety, so it came with a 4.2-liter V8 making an even 400 horsepower. This engine provides ample horsepower in a hurry. Plus, power comes on so smoothly it won’t disturb your venti mocha chi soy latte.


The Range Rover Supercharged may be smooth and fast, but it still handles like a big truck. Now, in every day driving circumstances, it offers a comfortable soft ride. But, no amount of money is going to turn this near 6000 pounder into a corner carver either. Finally, if you are concerned about getting around in bad weather, this is, after all a Land Rover. So, it comes with some of the best four-wheel-drive equipment money can buy.


Last year’s Range Rover got an interior facelift. So, there isn’t much new inside to report. The same can be said about the exterior. Land Rover’s flagship continues to be a statement in luxury and comfort. Owners are treated to all the options, including seating swathed in soft leather with heating and cooling capabilities, a superb multimedia system, and three-zone CFC free climate control. What can you say? It just has everything.


No big surprise here. If you have $95,000 to spend on an SUV, you get cargo space, a big V8, and every available comfort and convenience option you could ever imagine. Oh yeah, you can also take it off-road without fear of getting mud on your Armani or Luis Vuitton. This is essentially the poster-truck for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.